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We are an established IT contractors with years of experience in providing excellent IT support and web services. Contact us to get your technical issues sorted.

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App Development

More users are spending time within an app than mobile browser.

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Web Development

Have your own company website with your own .com for brand presence in the web and sell products online. Fill in the form to request for a quote

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IT Support

  • Contractual Work
  • More than 10 years of experience
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Solve your IT Problems

Windows often gets slow over the time especially after you have installed many softwares. Some softwares are unknowing installed which takes up valuable memory in your computer which leads to slow computer start up and opening programs. Full diagnostic will be run to identify what causes the slowness.

Is your internet browser acting weird showing lots up popups to unknown websites? It is very much possible your computer has been hijacked with virus or malware. It is very important to remove these threats to keep you computer and your data safe.

Is your laptop not starting up and you are unable to access your valuable data inside the computer? Or you have trouble accessing a corrupt hard disk?

Your photos and videos can be recovered. If your hard disk is healthy, all data can be recovered. Part of the data can still be salvaged even if there are few corrupted and bad sectors of your hard disks.

It can be frustrating when you have forgotten your windows login password. We are able to reset your windows password and let you set up a new one.

Slow Wifi speed, need help securing wireless in your home or wifi connection keeps dropping off? We are able to identify the problem and fix them for you. We also offer installation of a new wifi in your home?

Maybe you have decided to build your desktop from custom parts but need help with assembling them? We have years of experince in putting the parts together and save you the headache from cable management and which wires to plug into.

Majority of Android phones in the world do not have the latest monthly security patch from Google. This leaves a lot of devices vulnerable to hacking. One possible way to remedy this is by installing custom rom or firmware that contains the latest update from Google. Note that not all custom rom are available to all phones. Rooting, which can be dangerous, gives you total freedom to your phone. You will be no longer be restricted with what you can do such as full backup, boost speed and battery life, block ads, remove crapware and more.

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